Home support for the elderly

I don’t really like the word ‘elderly’ but am unable to find another word at the moment to replace it!

This is an idea of some of the support that I can give, although I do seem to do far more than this once we know what needs doing.
As I am trying to provide a service which is not such a formal approach as has to be delivered by statutory agencies.
There is only me at present so I can happily take care of my own time management and keep to my commitments, (however, the odd appointment may need to be made so I always inform my clients of any deviations necessary)

The main focuses are on: Independence, continuity and flexibility

What’s on offer:

Managing your home
General household duties
Changing bed linen and ironing
Report repairs to the right people

Healthy Eating
Support to plan weekly meals
Support with shopping
Support to maintain weight

Managing Health
Driving and support to appointments
Working alongside health professionals

Pet Care
Establish emergency arrangements for pets
Identify and visit charities available for support or stay
Investigate cheaper vet costs for neutering, vaccinations, chipping etc.

Support with correspondence
Support with form filling
Support to budget/bank statements
Support with telephone calls
Assist with letters/cards

Reduce isolation by introducing to:
Social activities
Outings, holidays
Reading groups, etc
Access volunteers
Drivers, befriending, etc
Cultural or spiritual activities
Adult education
Vocational activities
Lunch clubs

Life enhancement (feel good factor)
Access to hairdresser, cinema, holistic treatment etc.
Clothes shopping, cinema, catalogues, etc

Become IT enabled
Access IT classes
Internet access at cafes, libraries, etc.
Support with online buying, (food clothing etc)
Introduce to relevant web sites, Skype (to get in touch with family and friends)

I have my own transit/folding wheelchair with brakes and power pack if required for any outings or appointments